We're a NY-based school of calligraphy and lettering. We invite children and adults to learn how to write beautifully and master the art that is several thousand years old. In addition, lettering courses can be useful for those who make money by developing invitations, postcards, etc. Let's be honest: to master calligraphy or lettering, you will need perseverance and a lot of patience. But the result is worth it!

Meet Our Coaches


These guys are totally in love with lettering and calligraphy!


Ann Howard

Lettering Coach
10 years of experience

Ann was born in Canada, mastered the art of Japanese calligraphy, then moved to the USA and took up lettering professionally. She now creates gorgeous handwritten invitations for various brands. She is ready to teach you how to write beautifully and make money from it!


Tom Stone

Lettering Coach
9 years of experience

Tom is a famous American illustrator and artist. He often uses lettering techniques in his works. Tom has a unique and recognizable style that he can teach you too. Sign up for his lettering course and learn to write beautifully. And, perhaps, this hobby will become a profitable job for you!


Susan Mirino

Calligraphy Coach
7 years of experience

Susan is an American artist, illustrator, and renowned calligrapher. She works with many European and American brands. Susan is considered by many to be the genius of fountain pets. Sign up for her calligraphy course to master this art with her professional help.

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